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10 Mar, 2013
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[On the entrance of the apartments, there's a piece of paper that's taped to the door. It looks to be a note written in a child's handwriting. It reads:

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For those new or haven't kept up with anything, Lavi and Cross are gone. [Kanda's voice is completely focused on the business side of things, not allowing any emotions to leak in. Things can't be done if he's busy brooding or moping or whatever.

Right now? Kanda just wants to get out of here. Out of Nesreca, away from Credinta, out of Russia. Enough is enough.]

Cross left some money to me, and I imagine supplies are pretty low. Tell me what you need and I'll go to Credinta, preferably alone.

[There's a pause that lasts for a moment or two, as if trying to gather his thoughts.]

It's been several years. We need to make more active attempts in getting the hell out of here, whether it be returning to our own worlds, or finding a way to take someone with us. [He's tired of just living, just surviving; it's not worth it anymore. Not to mention that he's utterly failed in a promise to Allen that he wasn't doing just that, and he needs to make amends on that promise.]

Projects on fixing things can wait. Getting out of here, whether it be through killing Libitina's master, freeing Libitina, or flat out walking to another country, we need to do it.

Preferably before another several years pass.
22 Feb, 2013 - 13th Curse [Video]
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General Cross, are you still here?

I know we've had a few leave, and a few others arrive, should we take a census? Does anyone know what projects need to be focused on right now, to get us into spring? How are we on supplies? Food stores?

[Because this gives Raven something to focus on.]
18 Feb, 2013 - 12th Reading [Video]
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[The feed comes on, and Raven is bundled up for the cold, like she's just come inside.]

When's the last time anyone saw Lavi in person? I've...checked at least one of his hiding spots I know about, and I'm going to go check his room.

[Her voice is remarkably calm--even if she herself is not. Very much not...]
14 Feb, 2013 - [Video]
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[ Hello, Nescresa. Here's a face she haven't seen in a while. Simply not to much had happened and so Lenalee didn't have much of a reason to talk.

Today does change things.

She appears, face in a grimace. ]
I don't think...I was the only one to get one of these? There were those dolls again. [ She tips the screen down to reveal something that looks like a mass of...flesh? Closer inspection would reveal that it was, in fact, a heart. ]

...someone please tell me that it doesn't belong to a person... [ A pause. ] In any case, I'm going to bury it. The doll as well. [ Actually, she almost thought out dropping both in the river to have them wash away...but who knows what complications that might cause? Decaying flesh might actually contaminate the water. Burying it is.

She moves to turn off the feed, but then stops. Gives the screen a smile. ]
I wish I had chocolate for everyone, but--Happy Valentine's Day to all of you.
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[For the first time in months, Kiriko's PDA clicks on, but the man kneeling in the dirt on screen is nearly unrecognizable. Much more time has passed for the boy than for the residents of Nesreca: his hair has grown a few inches, and his once well-kept uniform is tattered and filthy. Most notably, there is a bandage around his eyes - Kiriko slowly lifts his trembling hands to remove it. There are wide friction burns around his wrists, as though he had recently been tied up. As the bandage comes off, Kiriko lowers his head, and his blond hair spills over his face. He moans.]


[When he does look up, where his left blue eye should be is a bloody and empty socket. His thoughts foggy, Kiriko's memories of this place are slow to return. He turns his head in a feverish daze, but the scenery doesn't register. He moans, falling forward onto his hands. He stays that way a moment before allowing his body to collapse, resting in the cool snow.

It’s not long until a pair of black boots come into view. The owner is not visible from above the knees, because of the angle in which PDA is recording the video. But it’s a woman, obvious from the style of her shoes and the light voice she speaks with.]

Hey. You dead?

[She nudges him with her foot. Not the most compassionate way to look for signs of life, but hey, no reason to get her hands dirty if she doesn’t have to.

Kiriko reacts as though he's been struck by a cattle prod, and rolls onto his back with a shout. When he looks upon the woman's face, his expression warps into horror and disgust, less like a soldier in battle and more like a terrified child.]

W-Who are you?! What the fuck do you want?! [He reaches for his belt as if to draw a weapon, but finds he's been disarmed.]

Relax. [Her voice drawls from above.] I’m not going to hurt you. Looks like you went through hell anyway.

In fact, I might just be convinced to help.

[She crouches beside him, of course at a reasonable distance to avoid at blows he might throw her way. It’s now that her face comes into view; She might have been considered attractive if it wasn’t for the discolored skin and scar covering the left side of her face. There’s a bemused smirk playing on her lips, as if life was a game she just so happened to be winning at.]

So solider, let’s start with your name.

[Kiriko swallows, and his fingers are digging so hard into the dirt that his knucles turn white. He looks ready to attack her - at least, he would, if he could so much as sit up without fainting.]

...Kiriko George.

[She flinches as though struck and her expression darkens with a scowl.] Haha. Real funny. [As deadpan as deadpan can get.] Have a serious answer hiding in that messed up head of yours? [And yet, he does look an awful lot like the woman who happens to share that name. A coincidence, or a joke?]

[Kiriko coughs, his fever putting him back into a daze, but he manages to spit back:] You bitch! If this is about my Dad, fuck you! Tell me where you've taken me, or I'm going to kill you---!

Big words from a man lying on his back.

[She’s not scared of him in the slightest. He’s barely conscious and unarmed; the only person he’s going to get killed is himself. She looks over the pathetic man before her, because he does look like a mirror of her very own death dealer back home, and even the rational part of her mind agrees that something crazy is happening.]

I’ll need more than idle threats to prove you are who you think you are. [Though the threats do help.]

I don't need to prove a damn thing to you...!

[At this point, Kiriko snaps, jumping to his feet and lunging towards her. He reaches for her neck and misses, his fingernails clawing at her face with all the strength he has left.

Bad move, Kiriko. He’s far too close for comfort, so she finds herself reflectively retaliating. She pushes his hands away and then there’s a mean right hook heading right at his face. Without the strength to dodge, it connects with a crack and Kiriko collapses at her feet. The feed ends.]
31 Jan, 2013 - 13th Death
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[well look who's gone and decided to play in the snow? that's right, this guy. well at this point he's mostly just sitting in the snow and piling it up in one spot. it's supposed to be a snowman but it's kind of...okay it's bad but it's his first attempt, alright?

Dextera hums a little. he's never been in a position where the elements didn't hurt him so this was a welcome change even if it was cold.

wrapping his coat a little tighter around him, Dextera turns his attention to the PDA and types something out.]

This is fun. I don't think I've done this before but it's nice.

[....oh, right while he's at it!]

Thank you for the things. They're nice too.

[even if it took him awhile to open them up because him and boxes don't get along back home...

Dextera resumes trying to build his fail snowman but eventually types something else out later.]

Libitina? Do you want to play in the snow with me?
17 Jan, 2013 - 026 ☯ Alma [VIDEO]
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[The feed clicks on as a child's socked foot carelessly shifts by it. Said foot is quickly tucked beneath the child it belongs to and the PDA is paid absolutely zero attention. There are far more important things happening here.

Alma's sitting cross-legged on his bed with his new Gameboy (thanks Lavi) clutched in his hands. He's focused on that little screen like only a child can be, face barely five inches away and his tongue sticking out from between his lips. There's no tinny-sounding music to go by since the boy's somehow acquired a simple set of headphones, but if the expression on his face is any clue? Whatever's going on is epic.]

C'mon, Bulbasaur, one more, one more... [Or maybe he's just reached his first gym leader.

He continues mumbling at the screen, tilting the game from side to side as if that will help him win, barely even blinking when his golem flutters over to settle in his shaggy hair. Tension builds in his shoulders as he approaches what must be the climax of... whatever it is he's doing. Thick eyebrows furrow and his mouth widens to form a tentative grin...

And suddenly his entire expression falls flat. He drops the game into his lap and slaps both hands over his face, obviously disgusted.]

Aw, c'mon! Brock, you're such a douchewaffle! Stupid jerk!

[Looks like somebody lost.]
14 Jan, 2013 - 1% [Video]
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[The feed is showing the side of a building but it's moving around a bit. It eventually shows where the wall meets the ground to reveal... an odd looking helmet. It looks like an astronaut's helmet or something.]

I'm dead. [Finally, a woman's voice is heard.] I'm dead. They're all dead. And the afterlife has cellphones. I don't know what's going on. Maybe I'm in a coma and this is some-

[The red light that cues the phone is recording is finally noticed. She looks at the screen for a second and the viewer can see a beautiful woman with long dark hair, bright green eyes, and... yes, that's a space suit.]

[Not realizing that this feed is being sent out to other devices, she looks around the area for a second, before shutting it off. Maybe she can make a recorded journal or something, but if she's really alive, then she has to figure out how to survive and what's going on.]
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[The view is trembling a little as it's being shown off, nothing of the owner but the ID registers as Lavi's. Right now the view is of a bunch of white, shadowed white.

Then his voice comes on, chattering with cold (pretend please, it's annoying to type out) which explains why the view is shaking.]

Tunnels are dug, made it to the closest church, the school, and the train station. I'll try and blow out more tomorrow, this took me three days. [It's been three days since the blizzard blew out after all.]

From the station to the river probably then south to the square from here. Don't worry about cave-ins. There's ice between you and the snow now. [His fire snake did that for him.]

Everyone enjoy their presents?

[[ooc; I didn't post it on the Christmas post but Lavi's are here on the first sheet.]]
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